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Canine Rehabilitation is an important part of dog acl recovery

The term canine rehabilitation was coined for use in the animal industry to separate itself from human physical therapy, though many of the therapy techniques and principles are the same. Human physical therapy can be traced back as far as World War I. Over the last century, the profession has developed and evolved into one of the major cornerstones of modern day medicine. Physical therapist's mastery of the musculoskeletal system and their ability to treat movement dysfunctions has made them indispensable, especially in post-surgical cases.

Over the last twenty years, veterinary medicine has also experienced tremendous growth in the level of medical care that we are able to provide to our patients. Now veterinary medicine parallels human medicine in the number of specialty disciplines available. There are now veterinary specialist for every body system and branch of medicine and surgery.

History of Canine Rehabilitation

Canine Rehabilitation can be traced back to the early 1980's in both Europe and the United States. Since then this relatively new discipline has really taken off in recent years. There are now two certification programs available to veterinarians, physical therapist and veterinary technicians to pursue further education in the field of canine rehabilitation. In addition in 1999, the First Symposium for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Veterinary Medicine was held at Oregan State University. Animal Physical Therapy organizations are now recognized in more than ten countries.

Established in 2004, TopDog Health and Rehabilitation set out to become the leader in education for pet owners with regards post-surgery therapies. The goal was to increase pet owner awareness of the industry itself, as well as provide them with some fundamental therapies and exercises that they could do at home to help their dogs recovery after surgery. TopDog strongly encourages all pet owners to seek out a professional canine rehabilitation specialist in their local area for best results. Click here for TopDogs Directory of a canine rehabilitation facility near you.

Canine Rehabilitation is vital to dog ACL recovery

If you where to undergo ACL surgery, your orthopedic surgeon would make it mandatory for you to visit a physical therapist on a regular basis after surgery to ensure the best results. The same hold true for dog acl recovery. It is best to seek out a specialist in this field to ensure your dog the best chance of full recovery. It is commonly stated in veterinary medicine that dogs who tear one ACL ligament have a 30-50% chance of tearing the opposite legs ACL within a one years time. At TopDog we understand that this unfortunate statistic is directly related to that fact that the majority of dogs who undergo orthopedic surgery never receive any physical therapy at all. Therefore these dogs never fully recover and strengthen their injured leg back to original condition.

Make sure if your dog is in need to any type of orthopedic surgery that you discuss with your veterinarian what you can do in terms of post-operative therapy. Investing in therapy is equally as important as the surgery itself.

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